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The Rooster Gallery and artist Tomas Daukša presents the artwork in the public space. A sculptural group “New Generation”, consisting of two monumental bigfoot sculptures from the so-called bigfoot series introduced in a new square at the Oslo Residence district in Vilnius.

The figurines of bigfoots are already well recognized by the gallery goers both locally and internationally. Daukša suggests two versions of the origin of the figurines. The first one states, that the statuettes were found by a man, who believes they are made by a bigfoot, although he had never seen the creature. The man started exchanging food for the figurines and gathered a big collection of bigfoot statues of various sizes and colours. And the second version says, that the artist makes the figurines himself and then claims that he got them from a man, who believes to be getting them from a bigfoot. So the artist introduces himself both as an author of those artefacts, and as a medium between the viewer and the mysterious bigfoot, who made the sculptures. (Re)creating various situations from bigfoots’ life, the artist reveals more and more details about bigfoots and their everyday activities, their rituals, familial bonds, communal hierarchy, communication, etc. The viewers are invited to continue the stories with their own insights.

Combining playful and attractive form with the meticulous analysis on the relation between knowing and believing, the bigfoot project is a part of Tomas Daukša doctoral research. In 2019 artist received a doctoral degree in fine arts at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, and became one of the youngest Lithuanian artists to receive the degree. Starting his artistic career as a painter, in the past few years Daukša concentrates on creating sculptural objects and conducting conceptual research. The sculptures in Oslo Residence are his first artworks in the public space. Project is part of the program ‘Create Vilnius’ by Vilnius City Municipality.

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