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The Rooster Gallery stendas meno mugėje Art Dubai 2024, nuotr. Gabriele Abbruzzese


The Rooster Gallery will take part at international art fair ART DUBAI 2024 with exposition specially conceived for Art Dubai by Lithuanian artist Tomas Dauksa and Latvian artist Sandra Strele unveils a fabulous installation featuring large scale paintings and sculptural objects.

S. Strele’s paintings are characterized by an unexpected structure and an original visual logic, which confuses the viewer’s gaze by the discrepancy of different scales, contrasts of precise, rational, free and surreal shapes, complicated perspectives, and manifold intersections of spaces and planes. T. Dauksa continues his series Fountains of Joy and showcases bizarre otherworldly fountains. The artist employs them as peculiar mechanisms that circulate liquefied themes. This time, the objects contain flowing and murmuring love elixir, which takes us back to the equally banal and paradoxical fantasy of eternal love. It accommodates the maddening irrational infatuation, an obsessive craving for the other, and the tiresome being together alike. 

At this art fair, “The Rooster Gallery” is participating for the ninth time, and the achieved results leave no room for doubt – artworks by the artists have entered important private collections in the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Bulgaria, and Latvia. S. Strele’s large-format canvases have also been included in the prestigious A.R.M. Holding art collection and the Royal Family art collection in Abu Dhabi.

Young creators were interviewed by Dubai publications “Al Bayan” and “Selections Arts Magazine”. Tomas Daukša received an invitation from Singaporean curators to hold his exhibition.

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