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The rooster gallery 201612_11


Before the major holidays of the year, contemporary art galleries all over the world traditionally hold exhibitions of small-scale works and offer them for sale at an affordable price. This year The Rooster Gallery joins this initiative and invites the viewers to an exhibition of drawings by artists represented by the gallery. It is an excellent opportunity not only to expand (or perhaps start) your collection with works by up-and-coming artists, but also to buy Christmas presents for your nearest and dearest and yourself.
Although not a single art form can do without drawing, it often remains on the margins of basic artistic work, makes do with the status of preparatory work or auxiliary means, and not often makes its way to exhibition halls. However, on the contemporary art scene there is a steady growth of interest in drawing as an independent form of creative work, and drawings become an important part of collections of contemporary art. That is why The Rooster Gallery invites the viewers to take a look at drawings as autonomous artworks rather than supplements and continuations of the main body of work, and to make sure that the painters represented by the gallery – Adomas Danusevičius, Andrius Zakarauskas, Aukse Miliukaite, Egle Karpaviciute, Kristina Alisauskaite and Vita Opolskyte – are skilled in the means of expression of not only painting, but also drawing.
In this untraditional exhibition that has stepped down from the gallery’s walls, fragments and sketches of the already known paintings, as well as independent compositions are presented. An entire variety of drawing techniques and creative strategies, from meticulous and detailed studies to expressive and spontaneous sketches is unfolded. The drawings present a concentrated reflection of the artists’ style, reveal the inner workings of the creative process, disclose sensitive intimate experiences and offer ironic commentaries on daily life. The democratic nature of drawing and its wide technical possibilities allow for open and free visual expression and bold creative statements.

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