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Donkey art prize

News from the international contest ‘Donkey Art Prize 2015’

The results of the third edition of the international art competition “Donkey Art Prize” are very exciting. Egle Karpaviciute won the main prize in the category of painters over 30 years of age. In November, Karpaviciute and other three prize winners from China, Greece and Italy will be awarded monetary prizes and sponsors gifts – oil painting kits. Exhibitions of works by the finalists of the competition are held in four cities of the world – the first one took place in Milan in July and the second one will soon be opened in Miami. In September the finalists’ works will travel to Tokyo, and in November the fourth exhibition held in Dubai will end the project.

Karpavičiūtė is distinguished among other artists of her generation by her pensiveness and philosophical inclination. The object of the artist’s creative research is the world of culture, above all, visual culture. The key motifs of Karpaviciute’s paintings are eminent works of art (paintings, performances, installations, ready-made works), architectural objects and other cultural artefacts. While applying the principle of a painting within a painting (more generally, a work within a work), and repainting the works by famous artists, Karpavičiūtė questions their universal perception, the concept of originality of a work, and the status of an artist.

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